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Blue Stone & Natural Stone

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Blue Stone & Natural Stone for Landscaping

Looking for a versatile yet beautiful element to add to your Chicago outdoor landscaping project?  Menoni & Mocogni offers blue stone & natural stone of all shapes and sizes to create a unique look that will be the envy of your Highland Park neighborhood. Natural stone and bluestone can withstand the elements of brutal Chicago weather while providing a charming addition to your patio, firepit, garden and more.  Add curb appeal and increase your Chicago home’s value with a natural stone or bluestone walkway, driveway, or retaining wall.

Not sure which is best for your hardscape and landscaping project?  Click here to contact the building supply professionals at Menoni & Mocogni!


Blue Stone

Bluestone is a popular choice for use in both commercial and residential applications.  A natural product, bluestone comes in a range of colors depending on the depth at which it was quarried. Known for its durability, bluestone can withstand damage from the freeze/thaw cycle of Chicago winters while retaining its natural beauty.  Easy to install, bluestone’s porous texture makes it naturally slip resistant, perfect for pools, paths, and any area that is frequently wet.

Due to its porous nature and ability to hold water, it is important to protect your bluestone with a sealant.  Sealants enhance the color of the stone by adding depth and shine, while protecting it from foot traffic, dirt and grime, and scratches or stains.

Readily available at Highland Park’s Menoni & Mocogni, bluestone will make the perfect addition to your next Chicago hardscape project.


Natural stone is a beautiful way to bring the soothing features of nature into your urban Chicago yard.  Due to naturally occurring geological features, each unique stone adds interest to your hardscape, yet blends with the landscape to create a style all your own.  The possibilities of natural stone vary as much as the stones themselves. From walkways and paths, to retaining walls, or water features, natural stone from Menoni & Mocogni can help you bring your landscaping dreams to life.