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Sod, Soils and Lawn care products

Quality Landscaping Starts with Quality Materials

Sourced from only the most reputable Sod Farms Local to Illinois

Creating a beautiful, thriving outdoor garden starts from the top down with soil. The key to any successful garden, using the right type of soil is the best way to ensure your plants, vegetables, grass, and other landscaping elements can grow into their fullest forms. Chicago landscaping soil suppliers Menoni & Mocogni know exactly how crucial the right soil type is for your property, which is why we’ve been the leading name in local landscaping and building supply products for over 100 years.

Pulverized Topsoil

We offer a wide variety of soils and mixes for your specific needs.  We can add sand, compost, peat moss, mushroom compost leaf compost.  Mixes are made as needed and loaded by quantity on your truck or trailer.

We also keep a small quantity of topsoil under cover for those rainy days.  (Please call in advance to check availability)

Grass Seed, Fertilizers and Lawn Care Products

We offer a wide array of lawn care products.

Grass seed:  Sunny, shady and mixed

Fertilizers: 19-0-3 w/ milorganite, 19-0-0 w/ crabgrass preventer, 13-25-12, Weed & Feed, 10-10-10, Dylox (grub control)

Landscape fabric, straw blankets and erosion matts